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For WASAR members who have had to pay for aviation fuel & oil or auto fuel & oil while activated for a mission, the State will reimburse your expenses for these items.

First and foremost, your vehicle or aircraft must be signed into the base for the current mission. If you are dispatched for an ELT mission or some other type of mission where you did not report to a mission base, make sure that whoever dispatched you from home has your aircraft or vehicle signed into the mission.

Reimbursement is given only if you have an original receipt for your expenses. Receipts for aircraft expenses must indicate the mission number, your aircraft tail number, and the flight hours you completed. Vehicle expense receipts must indicate the mission number, your license plate number, and the number of miles driven.

Finally, you must fill out and send in the State Reimbursement Form, which is available below in two formats – one for PDF (Adobe) files and the other in XLS (Excel).

Please note: You must put your social security number on the form, you must sign the form and you must staple your receipt to the form. Then send it off to WSDOT-Aviation Division within 10 days of the completion of the search.

State Reimbursement Form >
(PDF Format)

State Reimbursement Form >
(Excel Format)